Common Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Installation Issues

Following are some of the common SharePoint Server installation issues and solutions
Issue 1:??an exception of type System.IO.FileNotFoundException was thrown.??additional exception information: could not load file or assembly Microsoft.IdentityModel version=
This issue will raise because Windows Identify Pack wasn\’t installed. Install Windows Identify pack and run again.
Be sure to install 6.0 for Vista and 6.1 for Windows 7.
Issue 2:??Failed to create the configuration database. An exception of type System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException was thrown. ??Additional exception information: The data is invalid.
To resolve this issue, follow the steps
Modify the ACL(Access Control Lists) on the 14 directory under %commonprogramfiles\\Microsoft Shared\\Web Server Extensions.
Right-click on the folder %commonprogramfiles%\\Microsoft Shared\\Web Server Extensions\\14, and then select the Security tab.

On the 14 Properties dialog under the Security tab, select Edit.

Permissions for 14 dialog click Add

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