No IUserTwoFactorTokenProvider named \’Default\’ is registered

While working on .NET Core\’s Identity files, I encounter this error: No IUserTwoFactorTokenProvider<TUser> named \’Default\’ is registered.

The Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UserManager<TUser>.GenerateEmailConfirmationTokenAsync or GenerateUserTokenAsync functions couldn\’t generate a token because no provider was available upon registering a new user.

It\’s a very simple fix, just add a little bit more to AddIdentityCore<User> configuration in Startup.cs class services. The fix is to add the AddDefaultTokenProviders().

services.AddIdentityCore<User>(options => 
                 options.Password.RequireNonAlphanumeric = false;
                 options.User.RequireUniqueEmail = true;
                 options.SignIn.RequireConfirmedEmail = true;

Build the solutions and try again.

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